Gladys Young was tragically killed on August 18, 1999 while riding her bicycle. She was killed by a sober driver who ran her down with his car. The car was traveling 45 MPH when the driver took his eyes off the road to look for something in his front seat. He did not even notice Mrs. Young until he struck her. She died on the scene.

The patrolman who investigated the accident said that Mrs. Young was an experienced and safety conscious bicyclist. At the time of the accident, Mrs. Young was wearing a helmet, reflective clothing and carrying with her a first aid kit, a bicycle tire repair kit and her identification.

When Mrs. Young was hit by the car, she was riding her bike eight inches from the shoulder of the road. It was 11 AM, weather conditions were clear and sunny and there were no other vehicles nearby. The car was riding partially on the shoulder of the road when it struck Mrs. Young. Even if she had seen it coming, she never had a chance. Utter negligence on the part of the operator of the car was the only cause of this senseless accident.

By law in the United States, bicycles can be operated on public roads except on some interstate highways. Motorists often forget this fact or are not even aware of it, believing instead that bicyclists are not entitled to use the road. Motorists also forget that automobiles are deadly weapons and should be treated as such. The accident not only took the life of Gladys Young and shattered her family, but altered forever the lives of the man who killed her and his family.

Remember, bicyclists have rights too. Share the road.